The You and Us

I have been in the programming and computer industry since I was 13 (little earlier) 17 years as of 2015. Now when my wife decided to go into photography, I decided to make sure her photos were done right. Most companies keep a "backup" of your stuff for a couple years. This is a good practice but as a programmer and IT professional by trade, this wasn't good enough for me. Your hard drive degrades overtime and the more use of that hard drive, the more likelihood of a failure. My wife's computer (that I custom built) stores the photos on a raid 10 setup, so this means that I take four 3 TB hard drives, and get 6 TB of  storage for her (wait it should be 12TB right?). The hard drives are in pairs, they take and write the photo over two of the four hard drive, than the other two drives take a copy of what was done with the first two and do the same thing on them. Now you may be spinning trying to figure this out, but wait there is more. Then, her save folder is also backed up on a cloud based server (for now we use dropbox). So there are 3 copies of your photos. Every year, we take an offline backup using a blu-ray disc, and archive that in a fire resistant safe. Of all my years in the computer industry I have worked on to many computers that have lost personal data, I don't want your personal data to be lost, but if it is, we have you covered from here on out.