Falls in the Gorge

2009 was a big year for me. I had just met Nate, and I had finally made it out on my own. I had gone a few years without a camera, hard for someone who loves to take pictures, but I was single mom with no extra money at the time. The camera I got was just a simple point and shoot, but it opened a new world for me. My first experience for outdoor pictures was a fall in the Columbia river Gorge. Sadly I can't remember the name, but one of the views was this.

This was my first panoramic photo. Even though is wasn't the best camera, I still love this photo. Though it makes me very home sick. I've come a long way in learning better techniques, and i've been making better photos. I put this in black and white because the colors were off. Shooting in RAW has me spoiled looking back at these old pictures.

  I had played around with mico shots before, but this was one of my bests. Looking at this, all my micros still look the same, but the colors that come from shooting in raw, plus a better camera, makes these shots better. Photography is part art, part technique, part camera. 

Not much better can you get on a point and shoot at this time. I haven't shot a waterfall in awhile, it's one thing I'd like to give a try again.

They were so little here!

Six years have gone since I first got the idea that I wanted to get serious with photography. I've had many set backs, but I've kept going. Sometimes I think that I'm not good enough because i'm self taught, that I need to take more classes. And because I didn't go to school, I can't be a photographer, or run my own business. But the thing with photography, it's an art. You have to have the eye, and the love for it, it can't all be taught. Yes I still have a lot to learn, but with anything in life, you never stop learning.