Hiking Is a Wonderful thing

Nate and I used to be very fit, and hiked every weekend. Through the six years we've known each other, I've collected many beautiful photos that I plan to start sharing, the past and present. Starting with a trip up Arabia Mountain. There are so many different spots, we've been back twice, today I will be sharing out second trip up.

Before the hike up

I like to get a before shot, it's before they are too tired to want to pose for me. I try to take as little photos as I can, because it's family time, and it's great when I can get gems like these.

Being from Oregon, I'm used to seeing mountains, and great sunsets in the low horizon. Coming to Georgia was a bit of a shock, what they call mountains, are just hills to me. The trees are so tall, the sun is hidden at least an hour before the true sunset. And I love sunsets, like more than I think I should. As you will see most of my landscapes are at sun up, or sun down.

This is what Georgia calls a mountain, it took us just ten minutes to walk up. It was a steep climb up, but it was worth it. We had a small picnic up top as we watched the sun go down. I'm ready to get back to hiking.