Silver Creek Falls

Hey everyone! Sorry for my long absence, but with winter, comes illnesses. And with illnesses, comes not wanting to do a lot of extra things, especially when kids are involved.  

Now on to one of my favorite places in Oregon, Silver Creek Falls just outside Silverton Oregon, which is about 40 minutes south of Portland. It is a 24 mile hike, with ten waterfalls to gaze at. You could easily spend a weekend here and not completely see everything. As they have horse and bike trails as well.

This was six years ago, wow I look young, and look at my girls, they are now 7 and 9! Wow has time flown by. Sadly i'm not sure what fall we are in front of, as I didn't file my photos well back then.

These photos are untouched, and I think they could use some love to them, sometimes right out of the camera tells the story well enough. As you can see, you can walk behind the falls, and it's amazing!

You can get very wet, as you can see. In the heat of the summer, it's fantastic, in the winter, not so much. It's also very muddy, so watch your step.

Looking back at my photos not only brings me joy, but brings a bit of sadness. The joy comes from knowing I am blessed enough to have photos of the people I love, and the places i have visited. That I grew up in such a beautiful place, which is where the sadness comes. AS much as I am enjoying my new life in Georgia, I miss Oregon. I miss the mountains, the people, the DRIVERS, oh how I miss the drivers. I miss walking everywhere, being able to only drive less than 20 miles to get to good hiking areas. And I miss my family, I miss them something terrible. They have made me who I am, good and bad, and I wouldn't change me.


in 20 days, I'll be going back for 6 days! I have a list so long of the places i want to go back to and photograph with all the new things I've learned last year, I don't think I could fit them all in. I'll be hanging in the valley, taking at least a day for the coast, and a couple days in central. It's going to be so much fun seeing everyone, as well as seeing the mountains I miss so much.