Time to be Nerdy

I want nothing more than to be a photographer, and so I am becoming one. I only have five years under my belt so far, but that doesn't mean I am not a photographer, it just means I am new, and you can't expect me to do the same things someone 20 years in the business can do.

It does mean, I can offer my services at lesser prices while I hone my craft. It doesn't mean you are going to get a bad product, or I will offer my photography for free. You get paid for your job, I get paid for mine. 

Over the past two years I have be crafting myself into a family artist. While doing landscapes on the side, but it never felt fun to me, it felt like a lot of work, and frustration. As much as I adore kids, do I really want to spend my life photographing them? And then it hit me while I was sewing a cosplay for a friend, I want to get more into cosplay. I am a nerd, I might as well do all things nerdy, and do what I am so passionate about. And so I did my first shoot with the same friend I was helping build a burlesque  Articuno.

This is Zoe/missy from Betrayal at  House on the Hill. Isn't Bella gorgeous? Zoe/Missy is a little girl, and Bella played her very well, I loved this shoot. (If you haven't played this game, you are missing out, go out and get it, it's super fun)

This shoot is going to require a lot more editing than I had Originally thought. My ideas for it far exceed what I can do, as I normally keep my edits simple and in lightroom, as Photoshop is rather daunting. The setting should be night, with a lot of fog, but we shot this at 7pm at night in late georgia spring. It was a hot, cloudless day. A lot of photographers frown on too much post editing, but I no not. Photography is an art form, and sometimes your scene you are shooting does not fit your vision. You get the photo out of your camera, and go "You know what would really make this photo creepy, red glowing eyes." And so you start to learn something new.

The second shoot I did with Bella Entendre was the very sassy, Articuno

This one I had envisioned her flying in the sky, but Georgia and it's way too tall trees got in the way, so i wanted to make sure these photos had a sexy feel to them, as much as I could with the location and time. Over all, i'm super happy with them, and Bella is over joyed with them, and that means I did my job.

The next steps I am going to take will be pushing me out of my comfort zone, and I believe that in order to succeed, you need to be a little uncomfortable.