After the Candy Holiday

Happy First day of November! It is unseasonably warm; I am both in love with it and hate it. There is nothing fun about a drought. The Oregonian in me thinks it's not autumn until it's well below 60, but here we are, the day after Halloween and it's in the 80's with no chance of rain the next couple days. I'm ready for the cold rain, while curled up inside with a good book.

We were super tight on money this year and were unable to buy the kids new costumes, but thankfully their costumes last year held up well. Alexandria was the only one unhappy about her costume this year. So last minute I decided to make some wings and a mask. Problem was, I've never made a mask or wings

After searching the internet over my coffee, I found a couple pictures and a tutorial that gave me an idea on how to put this together. Thankfully Athena and Alexandria are the same size and I was able to measure the wing span perfectly. I wanted the wings to be light and semitransparent. I was working with what I had lying around, and this white lining won the day. I added three pockets to add some wires for structure. I found a print out for the mask. It said to use felt, but I didn't have any. I just used some leftover fabric from another project.

For my first time trying this out, I'm happy with the results, and Alexandria seemed pretty happy with them too. She named herself the super villain, Darknight

Darknight, Anna, Darth Kitty