How to Become a GM

1: Buy a giant core rule book

2: Spend months reading it

3: Find people to play with

4: CRY

5: Finally find people and find out they are jerks

6: Or you're the jerk, I'm not sure at this point....

7: CRY some more

8: Try again

9: Drink some wine (or drink of choice), and read some more

10: 5 years later, find a good group of people, only for them to move away.

11: Find out you're not as cool as Matthew Mercer.

12: Find out your players like to knock down walls, and throw your plot line off, making you better at thinking on your feet. Total win, I think.....

13: repeat some on the steps.


I am going to GM for the first time for a tabletop game called 7th sea. I need all the luck I can get. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now with all the new information. Being dyslexic also makes it hard to learn through text. I'm currently on step 4.


Illidan is so helpful

Illidan is so helpful