A lover of History

History is one of the most underrated subject ever. I was one of those kids who didn't much care for it. Now that i'm older, I feel it's because they teach it all wrong. The people and events that are not taught in school are the most fascinating. Time for a change up I say! Last night I learned about Elizabeth Van Lew, a Union spy who helped bring down Richmond Virginia. So many times amazing people, especially women and people of color, get swept under the rug.

Since moving to Georgia we have been trying to absorb as much history as we can. One of our favorite places is Savannah and Tybee Island. It's history has many ups and downs like the rest of our nation. Being able to walk where some of our early history happened is awe-inspiring. 

Our one day road trip lead us to a few place, the first being The Pirates' House.

Real pirates walked here, amazing.

The Pirates' House was first opened in 1753 as an Inn. The Original building here was the Herb house build in 1734 and is said to be the oldest building in Georgia.  I was pretty giddy to touch this place (I'm such a history nerd)

Next up was Fort Pulaski, the last brick fort

Fort Pulaski took 18 years to build, and only 30 hours to bring down. It was the pretties fort I had seen. (I wish I had more picture, but I was enjoying our first road trip in two years) The archways, the fireplaces, even the doors took my breath away. You don't build forts like this anymore. Which is a shame in some ways. If you want to read More about Fort Pulaski, click here.

After spending nearly two hours at Fort Pulaski, it was too late to head back into Savannah. So we headed to the beach. It was so cold, but well worth it. Plus we are all native Oregonians, a cold beach doesn't scare us away.

The lonely one

It was a beautiful day. Perfect blue skies, could not ask for a better day to get out and about. As a photographer though, perfectly blue skies are rather boring. But sometimes a photo like this happens. It was a perfect end, to a perfect family outing.