Mt.Hood sunrise

I know I promised a picture a day, but life does get in the way sometimes.

Most of us have homes we grew up in where all our memories are stored. The house in Molalla overlooking Mt.Hood will forever be my home. This house is the reason I have such the love for mountains.

Silhouette photos are some of my Favorite out there. 

This is the sunrise I got to see every day, and I was lucky enough to capture on a visit a few years ago. I've edited this photo before, but this photo deserved a look back at it. 

I learned late that I should shoot in RAW and a lot of my old photos are in Jpeg. This was one of my first landscapes in the RAW format. It does make a big difference on how a photo looks. It doesn't show well on pages like Facebook, twitter, and instagram. This is why I post to my page. Google Plus is also another great place for posting photos. They don't squish them like the other sites do.

It has been fun going back through old photos and fixing them up. Keep a look out, because more are on the way.