Theater mom

At the start of the school year my oldest, Zoe, came home with an audition paper for choir. I hesitated because she's not the best singer. I told her how I felt, but she insisted that this was what she wanted, so I let her do it. She got into choir and each day she got better and better. By the time Christmas rolled around, I noticed when she was on stage, she lost herself in the sea of people and lights, and often did not move her mouth. After a long talk about practicing more, she set her eyes on the next thing, auditioning for the sound of music. I didn't think she would get any part, as she still isn't the strongest of singers. But she landed the small part of sister Sophia. She gets to sing two songs as well as have a few lines. Proud mommy moment.

After a few months of rehearsal, we get a letter about the costumes. I volunteered to make the nun outfits, but was later asked to make the curtain play outfits seen in the movie. I'm slightly overwhelmed, but excited. I know I can do this. Can't wait to show you guys the finished product.