Growing up

On Tuesday, July 25th, I turn 34, and I now know what I want to do for a living, or at least trying to know. 

Back in 2010, Nate and I decided that it would be best for our family if I left my job. The plan was to go back to school. Moving to Georgia put a wrench in that. As I got older, I kept telling myself I’m too old to go back to school. Self-doubt reared its ugly head. No one is ever too old to learn. The last five years I’ve spent listening to podcasts, specifically Stuff you missed in History Class, and Stuff You Should Know (seeing them live in November!) Educating yourself is the best thing you can do. 

Back in December, a job fell in my lap. I took it, but I was not satisfied. So I started to learn to program to break up my sometimes boring, data analyst job. HTML and CSS are okay, but when I tried SQL, I knew what I wanted to pursue. Yes, I need to learn everything, but one step at a time. I can’t become a programmer over night. I can’t go back to school right now, but the more I learn, the more classes I can just test out of.

I’m not going to stop photography, or writing, or any of my arts, they are my first love. And many people can make a living out of doing those things. For me, it’s more of a hobby. I will write my stories, but I’m in no rush. And it may be I hit a break wall in programing and I can’t do it beyond that. And that’s okay to fail. I have to do it, or I’ll never know what that road will be.

Down the yellow brick road of programing I go!