What is AZA?

AZA is an experiment. It belongs to both Nate and I, and we have two different reasons to use it; they are both creative in their own right. People don’t look at programming as a creative art, but as a creative, that’s how I see it. Before a photo shoot, you plan it out. You picture it in your head, you search for inspirations; you imagine the final product. Before you build a new program you do the same thing. You use your creative side of your brain to bring out your ideas on how to build something. The same planning I use for building a program I use for world building in my writing, or creating a new character for D&D.

AZA will remain as is, a showcase for both our artforms. We help each other in our own adventures. I can’t do my job without him, and he can’t do this without me. We will remain questing partners in the thing they call life.