A Poem?

I haven't written a poem since I was in high school. This wasn't even meant to be one (though is it really one?) I was up late last night thinking of this wall I've surrounded myself with. It's intimidating. But all walls must come down. As I was making a write-up, I was reminded that poems are meant to read out loud, so That's what I did. I felt my self-doubt fading away. I got this.

I know a little about a lot of things; master of none

None can see me restless

Restless nights; too busy breaking walls

Walls can't fall in a day

Day by day, the bricks of self-doubt crumble

Crumbled is molded into the new

New ideas become my paint

Painting with my new knowledge 

Knowledge becomes my new skills

Skills; the one thing standing in my way

Way to a better job

Jobs show my worth

Worth as a woman is worth less than a man

Man brings me down

Down is the only way up

Up to the light of a new day

Day brings new opportunities

Opportunities to learn more 

More bricks are broken

Broken bricks become the glue

Glue holds my knowledge together

Together we can lift

lift as we climb

Climb over the wall together

Together we love

Love yourself