Overwhelmed with wrestling.

When you first start watching wrestling, you will be overwhelmed. Heel, Monster Among Men, face, babyface, King Slayer, finishing move, attitude era, shake-ups, Raw, Smackdown, Cruiserweight, 205Live, NXT, and more and more terms. Every wrestler has their own signature move as well as generic move names being thrown around. When you first start watching you’ll hear about feuds or friendships and you will be lost.

But don’t fear, you will catch on.

You do not need to go back and watch old shows, that’ll leave you even more confused. Watch both Raw and Smackdown, and any other show that sounds good to you. Try the WWE network, it does have a wealth of knowledge, but be careful not to dig too far until you watch more live shows. The WWE also does a “Top 10” on youtube from each show. There are recaps all the time. You will get caught up as you listen to the announcers and the promos and any in-ring story that’ll come up. Just keep watching.