30 things I learned (did) taking 30 days off of Facebook

I took time off of Facebook for multiple reasons, the number one reason was time management. But damn, I missed everyone.

1: Facebook friends are friends. Just like your neighbors, your friends on Facebook become your tribe. You share stories and give advice. You are there for one another.
2: I couldn’t tell anyone I had the stomach flu so people could feel sorry for me.
3: I have more time for myself
4: I missed a lot of people
5: Some people I did not miss
6: Friends on facebook make me feel not alone.
7: I wish more of you used Instagram
8: Coordinating guild events felt impossible
9: I love Facebook memories
10: Sometimes wasting time on Facebook is time well spent
11: Parenting alone is hard. Facebook helps me know I’m not alone in the hell
12: using only Instagram helped me tell better stories of my life
13: Politic bubbles
14: Missing out on politic discussions
15: I also felt like I was missing out on things
16: I read two books.
17: I sewed a dress
18: I watched more movies
19: I missed my groups I’m a part of
20: Adulting is hard; Facebook helps keep in touch with people who have gone through similar experiences
21: I love sharing my ups and downs. Makes me feel less alone
22: There’s no way we can keep up with everyone. Facebook helps keep me grounded in reality. No life is perfect
23: I became happier with myself
24: I lost 10 pounds
25: I gained more self-love
26: I figured out I don’t need to follow everyone. Not everyone is needed in my life
27: It’s okay to defriend people
28: My time management improved, but at times I wasted my time on youtube.
29: I felt less connected to the world
30: Facebook isn’t a useless tool. It needs a lot of improvements, but it’s where everyone is and it’s hard to quit or move to a new platform.