How we make our pillow covers

There’s so many ways to make pillow covers, and I’m showing you our way. I want you to see our process and see what makes us stand apart from others as well as a $5 pillow you can buy at Walmart. Remember, you’re supporting a local artist and putting money back into our economy.

Here we are using a 100% cotton flannel. it’s a soft stretchy fabric, and requires an extra foundation. Here I’m using iron-on interfacing. This is in addition to using unbleached muslin as a lining to protect the fabric, especially if you plan on using feather pillow forms. (They tend to poke through the fabric, having that extra layers helps keep them from doing that)

Here is my process of cutting out each piece, ironing, and reshaping the cover. As well as serging the raw edges to prevent fraying. Though, I got so into taking the pictures, I didn’t add the piping before serging. Oops. Some pillows I serge the edges after I put it together. Because I was doing a zipper in this one, I surgered each piece separately.

The goal of this particular pillow cover was to make smaller (14x14) and lumbar pillows to go along with our bigger pillows. I wanted to give y’all options.

Here i’m finishing the piping to be as seamless as possible. A trick I learned while taking quilting classes. Some of the ways people finish pillows with piping drive me nuts. It doesn’t take any extra time once you learn how to do it.

Here I am making a hand sewn fabric flower. This pillow is 20 inches long, I thought it could use some texture to fill in the void space of the blue flannel.

Here I went with red for the inside of the flower, and I made it a bit small so you can see the fabric details of the storm troopers and Darth Vader. It allows it to tie into a few different pillows I sell.

This makes the pillows go with different color schemes. The lumbar pillow covers I make, I try and have them tie in with other pillows, whether you buy from me now, or later on down the road.

I hope this helps you understand what goes into each pillow cover I make. Cheers.