Life of a new corporate programmer...

I figure I will give this blog thing a try. So what does a programmer do? Well prior to being a full-time corporate programmer, I programmed, now I read books or learn new languages. Seven months ago I had no books about programming, I surfed the internet and found out what I needed the hard way. Now I have over 30 books, C# beginner and pro, WPS, SOAP(see programmers use SOAP), JAVA, WEB Services 4.0, 5.0, and pro. I have pocket books I carry on my person at all times CSS, jQuery, HTML5, C# 5.0, JavaScript, I will be getting more soon. I have begun R programming language through big data). I have studied through THIS!) and I am now learning scribe, and through it all, I can think only one thing. I LOVE THIS, I am learning so much knowledge and getting paid for it. I thought I was a programmer before this, been doing it since I was 13, but I would say I was a hacker.

So why the blog, well it turn out I was wrong, one in assuming that I could get all the information I wanted without a book. The truth is, the internet is like a ADHD child, there is always a answer to be found, but it may lean slightly off topic(or no topic at all). Even if you find exactly what you were looking for, you still only mostly get the answer, not how to get the answer and some troll has not doubtfully frightened you to not ask more on the blog you found. I was also wrong in thinking that books can keep me up to date, you either buy a book every other week or your behind. So what works, well if I knew that I would have some guy hand drawing a video while I talked and made millions. I have found that reading books is the best place to start, maybe a online course. Code school(or code academy but I prefer the code school) for web disciplines, and plurasight for the rest. The books, online courses, give you the baseline that you need and the web gives you the cutting edge.

So if your thinking of programming, I suggest you find yourself a online course system. Start with a scripting language, like JavaScript, these give you a watered down version of full languages like C or Java. DON'T skip ahead in your book or course, you may not understand what they are saying but just keep going along, it will come to you. Good luck!