The spark

Over the last month, I have been creating a few things. Not just dresses for the Sound of Music. 



Making an object out of nothing has become rather addicting. Between working on the outfits for the musical, I have been working on a few things for our house. Painting the six year old coffee table, and just as old picture frames. I finally took out the fabric I bought a year ago, and made a couple pillows. My house is finally getting put together for our Captain America inspired blue and red theme. Since having kids, I've always thought, "I have kids, no sense in having nice things." But they're not little babies anymore. Gone are the days of random puking, messy diapers, and a new walking baby getting into things you think they can't get. It's far from being done, but feels amazing to have created things for my home. I'm not just picking store bought objects someone else thinks is right for me. Custom made items are better. This has allowed my impatient side to be rather satisfied, leading me to write again. 

The last time I did any writing was for national novel writing month back in 2014. I have felt many things on to why I shouldn't write, but I have now felt WHY I should write, to create. It doesn't matter who sees my work, all that matters is that I see it done, no matter how long it takes.