New changes in the new year

My goal was to officially launch AZA Studio by the end on January 2015, but the end of 2014 was so financially draining, it looks like it'll take a little longer. I thought this revelation, while talking with Nate, would send me into a small depression, but it seems it's had the opposite effect on me. last year was a tough year, I had a hard time focusing on launching my own business, it's been intimating. Learning all the ins and out of business without taking any formal training has been difficult at best. Taking classes on photoshop and lightroom has been taking a lot of my extra time, that I have not been able to go out and take too many new photos. the ability to see the beauty in Georgia with it's tall trees and no mountains that I grew up with in the Pacific Northwest, has taken me awhile to accept. 


So now, the official launch will happen January 2016. yes it's year away, but this allows us to fix the site exactly how we want it, to take more landscapes, learn more about business, to get more blogging done, and so much more. I have so many ideas right now, I look forward to this year more than i thought I would. Even though we are not official, i will still be taking on clients, but know that things will not be perfect, and things may go wrong, but things going wrong, is a way for us to learn.